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GoDogs EggShell calcium Supplement (300G)


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GoDogs calcium supplements is enriched with optimum ratio of calcium

It promotes healthy joints and keeps your dog active

Administration of this dog supplement is easy you can mix 1 spoon powder with any Dog Foods

its Pure Egg Shell Powder without any addon so you can use for anything


Out of stock

We wash eggshells With Water. Then we Boil eggshell For 20 Minutes. We Dry Them 24 Hours at 125 ° Fahrenheit. We Grind Them to Regular Powder. This Powder supports growth and maintains a healthy body It promotes healthy joints and keeps your dog active Essential ingredients blended with other nutrients helps in speedy recovery from diseases. You can use 1 spoon of powder with any Dog Food.

Safety Information:

  • Not For Human Use

Legal Disclaimer:

  • Keep it at Room Temperature.
  • Don’t Use Below 60 Days Dogs
  • Once Package Opened Not Refundable


Weight 300 g
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 3 in


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