Ten Things Your New Dog is Trying to Tell You

If only your new dog could talk. Well, they can, in a way: if you listen and observe you’ll pick up some important cues. For now your relationship is in its initial stage so here are some of the key things your new dog is trying to tell you:

  1. Thank you for welcoming me to your family. I need time to acclimate to my surroundings. Everything is new, and I need to know what is out of bounds and what will now be a normal part of my day. 
  2. I need to be introduced to everyone in the house—that includes other pets.
  3. I need a collar with an I.D. tag. The tag should have your phone number, my name, and your name on it. Even if I have been micro chipped, having a visible tag can help bring me back to you if I get lost.
  4. I need to be updated on all of my shots. Believe me, I’d rather skip those vaccines but they will keep me healthy and happy. 
  5. Training should start immediately once you get the okay from my veterinarian. By establishing a routine of positive challenges, I won’t get bored, which means I won’t get into trouble in my new home. 
  6. I love the new nutrition you are giving me. However, at the shelter where I lived, they fed me a different brand of kibble. Any change in my diet could upset my stomach, so please introduce me to it by mixing the two brands and slowly transitioning me onto my new yummy food. Also, I need some help with portion control: please don’t overfeed me or give me table scraps—even when I stare at you with adorable, pleading eyes.
  7. My water bowl needs to be changed each day to make sure my water is fresh and bacteria doesn’t start growing in my bowl.
  8. Potty training is just as important for me as it is for you, a consistent routine containing lots of positive praise when I am going at the right place at the right time will keep us both happy.
  9. I know you are busy. Can you spend quality time with me? Maybe we can toss a ball around or visit the dog park. It would be great for me if you create a schedule and try to stick to it. 
  10. Please show me some patience. I am new to everything, and I have to learn to trust you. You will see my personality bloom over the next few weeks and I will spend the rest of my life showering you with affection to show you my gratitude for giving me my forever home.
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